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How many have your name?

How is this possible? Does this mean I dont truly exist? Am i a figment of everyone's imagination? If so, then why would anybody waste the time to have me suspiciously pop-up into their lives? Who is actually typing this, if I dont exist?

Maybe Tom Cruise has the answers I seek...

Oh Danzigfried, Oh Danzigfried....

Ah the smell of christmas is in the air...
With the exception of fall, I have to admit that the christmas season is my favorite time of year. No other period during the year do you feel such a 'filling up' with cheer and joy. Try as I might, I cant help but be in a good mood. People seem nicer, colors seem truer and sharper, bad feel-good xmas movies starring David Arquette and Meredith Baxter-Birney abound...what could be better?

...I got canned last week.

I dont wish to go into boring details, but the issues that have plagued me and my boss over the past year (until he left in september) have come to a pimple-popping point, and it was decided, that while I was very good at my job, and both my 6 month and yearly reviews were immensely positive, I was, in fact, not an 'organization fit'.

Considering the source, I take this as quite a compliment. I belive I have tired of the small-business flava, and the headaches that come with their prima-donna rulers. Ill take corporate, red-tape, back-stabbing, uber-political, number-not-a-name, environments any day. At least with those, I know whats coming and understand how to play their game.

As I informed Howton, I will now have the opportunity (since I wont be working 65hr weeks) to re-join the blog-nation. I would have already blogged before now, but i just concluded reading of Howtons blog today. So little time, so MUCH information!

Oh Danzigfried, O Danzigfried
Will you ever find true pleasure?
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Spring Cleaning...

What can I say? Its time for a little spring-cleaning, soul-cleansing, blood-letting, venting....

Wouldn't you know that the time I actually get back on to post, LJ has serious connectivity/user issues! It has taken me an exhaustive 30 minutes of trying to get on to enter this post. You cant tell me that there are THAT many people out there with something to say! I work with a wide-spread section of society...they dont normally possess anything of interest that would require its posting online.
...and so begins my rant:

Why do idiotic people who don't possess the intellectual abilities of a gerbil-turd feel that it is ok and acceptable to contact the 'IT guy' from Las Vegas at 8pm CST to ask them why they cant get the friggin laptop to work ("Im gonna through it out the window" <-- oh, is that my cue to say: "Oh please dont hurt my tech-friend, he didnt mean it, honest"). What do I care...throw it out the window, I dont think you have the balls. I'd love to see just how high and how many times that fscker bounces! Its EXTREMELY difficult not to tell them 'Because you are not smart enough to operate 'said' machine, and even after walking you through the procedure three times before you left, you still think 'its the computer's fault'. Fscking tools, the lot of 'em. Why is it that they always send the idiots to road-shows?
...they dont pay me enough to support idiot savantes past 5pm CST.

So, Im helping 3 of my old clients pro-bono, because they called me for help, and also so my old company doesn't get another dime from them, plus I just picked up a paying client...one that I was trying to pick up while I was still with my former business. Im getting tired of doing pro-bono work...I dont think I need to explain this...well, maybe to Tom.
They actually called/emailed my old company looking for me, but through a connection, they found me at my new digs. I received the call at 11am. I told them that I would be there at 14:30, if that is acceptable to them. They said 'FantASStic'. Sooooo...what happens when I leave my job and arrive there at 14:30? The guy doing sales for my former business is getting ready to get in his car and leave. Knowing my new client doesnt see patients after 14:00, I casually walk over, shake hands, exchange pleasantries with him, and he proceeds to tell me what and how the company is doing...he finishes by saying 'Im just out beatin the streets'...I respond: "Well it's a good thing you are, because Michael sure as hell wouldn't." Then I proceed to tell him that I dont want to keep my client waiting, and finish with a "I say 'Good day'".

Fast-forward one hour....Michael has his receptionist (acquired through another incentious move with one of our old clients) call me and say, 'Please give us a call, I have a question about our tax info.' Translation: 'We want to know how you are pulling in new clients, that we cant seem to get, due to the fact that we have no idea what an ethical business model or person is. Maybe you would like to do some contract work for us? Maybe we can rape some more clients from you?' Piss off, I say as I patiently wait for my non-compete to expire.

I think its funny how they get tipped off with a desperate 'fish-on-the-line' early in the morning, but dont take action until 14:30!? They are a three-man operation, but yet, I (with a full-time job) can still get the deal done, all the while risking my current employment to do so? Fsking tools, the lot of 'em.

Long story shortened: I installed/configured a wireless network on a separate subnet for his new laptop, using WPA encryption, installed his medical software, being mindfull of HIPAA requirements, in three hours, but only invoiced him for two. I gave the first hour to him for free, as a 'New Client' incentive. He has since called me back a second and a third time for assistance.

I have also resorted to buying beer and drinking on school nights...only one or two, mind you.
My beer of choice is currently Iron City...made in my hometown...Pittsburgh, PA. Something about their lager-esque hues appeals to my blue-collar dna. I actually was going to the store for some Pilsner Urquell (nod to Howton), but instead went with the aluminum-clad Iron City. I was not disappointed, however I can already sense Eric's disappointment. Do not fret mon cherie...I shall purchase a six of PU next go-around and report my findings.

I could continue on further, but I will save that for my next blog-o-the-week. Yes, I will indeed blog yet again before the week is through...

Peace out my techno bretheren and smokin-hot chicas...
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Dear God...

You are turquoise! You tend to be a little bit different than the common, and your originality makes you beautiful!

Turqoise 88%
Bright Yellow 75%
Royal Violet 63%
Jet Black 38%
Hot Pink 38%
Carrot Orange 38%
Gloomy Grey 38%
Blood Red 38%
Pure White 25%
Lime Green 13%

What kind of shlock is this?? Turquoise? I loathe that color with extreme prejudice! Furthermore, how can I be 38% Jet black, hot pink AND gloomy grey? Black is cool....hot pink is sassy (which im not)....and grey is, well, gloomy. Whats that all about? Does this mean im twisted, and internally fueled and dissected by contradiction and storminess? I dont think so. Maybe my 'coat of many colors' personality is a nod to my practice of trying to be 'good' at alot of things, rather than 'great' at one? (aka...the 'McCartney' theory)

...this test is botched.

What a long, strange trip its been....

It has been almost an entire month since my last posting, and if I take my time, I just might make it...
I find it interesting how, and maybe its just me, you have all these intentions of doing all the things you always wanted to do, if you didnt have a job to get in the way, and yet, when you finally have all the time in the world, you really just end up doing nothing....my how the time flies.

In the 5 weeks that I have been away from the shitty hell (<- i think that might be a bit redundant)of NetCon I have been on six interviews for positions that are all real posibilities of employment. I honestly had no intentions of getting a similar job, just one to get me through until I get accepted to the law enforcement academy. However, here is the problem I am now faced with: I have several of my customers calling me asking me to assist them, as they do not want to deal with my old business partner, and one new client that wants me to rebuild his entire network.

Basically, here are my choices....I could go get a menial job, focus on being a cop and getting the rest of the testing out of the way, or I could accept one of the positions that I have applied for and get back into corporate life, or I can start up my own company, and do exactly the same thing I have done for the past year and a half, only this time without any Jackasses involved to fsck the thing up.

Honestly, I would love the challenge of starting it all up again, and I have uber support from my peers, friends and cohorts that are spanned out across various enterprises to assist me should I need it. There is also the pure joy of knockin the shit outta my former company. It would take time, but I would be there to watch that company fold, or take away their business, yet I know that spite is not a good reason to start a business....it can only sustain you for so long...

Take heart Tom, I have put my new-found angst and frustrations to use and have enjoyed some peak levels of creativity....but its not in gay-porno. Ill leave that genre and medium to you...haha
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Sunday Bloody Sunday

My first entry received 1 comment, my second 2, and the third received 3. Maybe the Blog Gods will smile upon me and respond with 4 comments to my fourth entry....then again, what do I really care?
So I just recently commented on Prof Tom's site, which filled my frozen heart with pure glee...
I realize hes only 20, but OMG is he really that fsckin gay? ...he's too easy a target.
Well, im actually going to enjoy my monday tomorrow....Why is that, you ask? I walked out of NetCon on friday and wont be going back. A man can only take so much disrespect and tolerate so much before he realizes that none of it is worth it. (I can hear Howton laughing, followed with a 'told ya so'.)

Up yours, Jo-Boo.

I can honestly say I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing I dont ever have to deal with that incompetent SOB ever again. I once asked Howton what it says about me, working with people who have been fired or let go from Rayteon and CSC. I had always formulated an answer in my feeble brain, and sadly it has been validated and verified. Still, I cant say I regret the decision to undertake this company. I have expanded on my skill set 10-fold and learned what I can and cant do. Ah, crap, im starting to sound eerily like Prof Tom's and his Stuart Smalley personality. Watch out, Ill soon be talking about how my IT career closely resembles a group of beautiful, furry brown lemmings and their lifestyle. Did you know that the 'behaviour' of lemmings is actually a myth? They dont actually throw themselves off of cliffs in great numbers....even little numbers, for that matter. ...but do you care? No, and neither do I...

Fsckin Tom...
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Is today your day?

Ever had one of those days when you could kill someone? I saw an appropriate bumper sticker on my way back to the office today: 'The only reason some people are alive is because it's illegal to kill them'. Oh, have I dealt with my fair share of oxygen thieves.

Its amazing how much longer a four-day work week feels than the normal 5-dayer. Sad thing is, im only on day 1.

So, I watched the Aviator this weekend. Interesting movie. I found the History Channel documentary more interesting and informative, and more enjoyable as well. Could it be that it was because the documentary was only 1hr long, not 3? I think i might be on to something.

I have now officially watched episode 3 too many times. I find myself rooting for Anakin to not become Dark Vader (as my 4yr old calls him) and just become a righteous badass. This happens everytime I watch it...yes, I know how it ends, but maybe, maybe this one time it will end the way I want it to. There is still good in him, I can feel it...

I think its time for a beer and some triple-cheese Torries 'za....whaddya think Howton?
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Blog, blog, blog

What up yo! Lemme get a shout out to my crazy crizzles! Guantanamo, Tony, and that Little Midget Bastard!

I havent blogged in a while, and yes, i could feel something was amiss...
After my first entry, i felt good...yeah, felt good. So good in fact, that I figured i didnt need to add another one for, say, about two weeks. Wow, what a fantASStic feeling!

So, its hotter than two rats fscking in a wool sock today, so ive decided, you know, im not a roofer, im gonna stay inside all day and not do any in-person sales calls. Truth be told, ive cooled on the idea, and probably wouldnt be doing them even if it was a beautiful 70 degrees.

What have i accomplished today, you ask? Well, i cleaned a bit this morning, after putting in my daily 4hrs of onsite consulting work. BTW....thats going to be stopping soon. Ive decided to stop putting time and effort into 'the dream'. That's right folks, Dan's leavin on a high note. Ive never burned a bridge, and Im not about to at this point. Who was it that said, 'Sometimes you have to be willing to destroy the very thing that you love.' Oh, i believe that was Robert E. Lee.

So there it is, Howton, my bombshell.

I think thats bout all i have to say 'bout that.

Dan's thought for the day: 'People who grit their teeth should eat more fiber.'
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Monday, the red-headed step-child day of the week...

What is it about Mondays? Is it because its the first day back into an environment that you really dont want to be a part of? Do people who love their jobs, i.e. NBA players, musicians, etc., do they ever encounter the classic 'Monday Morning Blues'? I think, in my current state of melancholic negativity, that the answer is 'Yes". No job is perfect, and hey, when your making millions of dollars a year, I bet even the nicest person becomes bitchy and spoiled. So here I sit, chatting with 'The Howton', not wanting to do anything work-related, thinking only about 'Whats on TV', or 'Maybe Ill go install that irrigation system this afternoon that Ive been putting off for months now'. The hardest part of working is getting started, especially when it involves an activity that you never wanted to do in the first place. I equate the things that I need to do today to getting a rectal exam...Somebody smarter than you has their finger where they shouldnt, its bound to get a bit smelly, its going to take me completely out of my comfort zone, and lastly, its a necessary evil in order to prolong my life.
Im living the dream, man....livin the dream...
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